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Making and maintaining the instruments that support the careers and professionalism of musicians, teachers, students, families, individuals and institutions

COURSE In 2015 we initiate the first course in Latin America dedicated to training luthiers of musical instruments, which will result in increased interest in musical instrument study, purchases, and the regular maintenance of pianos and all instruments.

FUND José Andrés Vera Pino Memorial Fund for Scientific and Artistic Studies

Multilingual Glossary We are creating a glossary of technical terms for all musical instrument repair with cross references from multiple languages and dialects.  This will help technicians throughout the world communicate their needs in ordering parts and tools, and facilitate professional development.

Conference 2015 for Teachers of Luthier Courses July 1 to 31, 2015 Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Course for Luthiers of Musical Instruments

      Musical culture in Latin America requires targeted efforts to maintain itself.  Unfortunately for such talented nations, we have maintained the standards so high that few homes now have musical instruments, there are few music teachers, and fewer luthiers for musical instrument repair, maintenance, and tuning.  This has resulted also has resulted in a lack of musicians and music stores, and limited sales.
     This is not "just a course", it is an opportunity to strengthen the entire infrastructure: performance, acquisitions, cultural continuity, artistic development and diversity, sales, and the involvement of more individuals and private and public institutions. It is not a matter of one thing, person or institution, but the development of a "whole" to strengthen the culture and the artists.

Example from one of the countries - In Ecuador there is no industry for instruments and musical equipment. Instruments, equipment, computers... everything the industry requires, involves purchasing items not manufactured in Ecuador. There is handicraft production, but is not sufficient in quality and quantity to supply the entire market. (Eric Villegas, productor de música, Ecuador "El Comercio" 13 marzo 15). Solution. Create courses that teach Ecuadorians to produce and maintain instruments, equipment ... everything the music production industry in Ecuador needs in quality and quantity to be self-sufficient in providing for the entire market.

Students in the course need support for costs of registration, travel, tools, and parts.
The institution also incurs expenses to create the infrastructure to support the course.

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Los Jaguares del Desierto
Abogado Jorge Luis Correa




José Andrés Vera Pino Fondo Memorial para Estudios Artísticos y Científicos to advance care of instruments damaged by humidity and infestations with scientific study, prevention, and restoration

Jorge Luis Correa

Xiomara Briones Lucas

Roy E Howard, Ph.D.
call Dr. Howard - 316 207 6704 

Technical Seminar for Teachers, Students, Musicians, and Families
Seminari of 12 to 24 hours. Author: Dr. Roy E. Howard, Ph.D., Piano Tuner/technician. Presentations by Howard &Vera Pianos and the teachers and students of the intensive course, to explore the possibilities. Basic orientation for musicians in piano construction, principles of tuning, repair, and regulation. The orientation includes useful web pages.

Technical Orientation for Teachers, Students, Musicians and Families
Option B 3 to 6 hours - examples to suggest the possibilities
Author Dr. Roy E. Howard, Ph.D., Piano Tuner/technician
Basic orientation for musicians in piano construction, principles of tuning, repair, and regulation. Demonstration includes the tuning of a piano.  The orientation includes useful web pages.

Workshop for Traditional Musical Instrument Makers
Workshops are located in traditional communities such as Otavalo where artisans currently live and support their families with this trade and will benefit by formal instruction and organized collaboration.
Autor Dr. Roy E. Howard, Ph.D., Piano Tuner/technician; Schuberth Ganchoso, Ethnomusicologist/builder
Principles and practice of manufacture, tuning, repair, and regulation.  History, Philosophy, Paradigms, business, marketing.
Specialties: Stringed instruments like guitarra, charango, violín, etc.; Winds like quena, sampoya, rondador, etc; Percussion like bombo, marimba, maracas, etc.

José Andrés Vera Pino Memorial Fund for Scientific and Artistic Studies To advance the care of musical instruments damaged in the tropics by humidity and infestations by implementing scientific study, prevention, and restoration.
    The fund is named for the youngest member of the first group of students, who died Easter Sunday, 2013 at the age of 17.  He is remembered as a dancer, choreographer, musician, missionary, teacher, friend, and a specialist in the treatment of pianos damaged in tropical regions by humidity and infestations by rodents, insects, rust, mold, mildew and other flora and fauna.
     Donations will be targeted for musical instrument care in tropical regions:
•Scientific studies of the effects of humidity
     Collect and analyze data on every piano in the tropics by installing humidistats and keeping records
     Collect and analyze specimens of insects, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, mold, mildew, and any flora/fauna that affect the maintenance of musical instruments
•Artistic interpretations to help inform about the environmental effects on musical instruments
     Compositions, choreographies, visual arts, theater, and multimedia renditions
     Performances, expositions, presentations, conferences, courses, teachers
•Tools, devices, services, supplies, parts for study, prevention, and restoration of musical instruments damaged by humidity and/or infestations
     Importation of woods, chemicals, technologies, products, etc.
     Local manufacture and acquisitions (priority)
     Instructors, trainers, mentors, presenters (salaries, fees, travel, etc.)
     Rent, utilities, administrative costs
     Conferences, workshops, courses, web sites, instructional materials
     Student fees and expenses, scholarships
     Informing the the public, the musicians, teachers, students, and families
Memorial Fund •Prevention, Maintenance, Restoration of every piano in the tropics using the lessons learned by the scientific study of the environmental impacts on musical instruments in the tropics
     Installation of humidity control systems in every piano and procedures/devices to protect each instrument
     Cleaning and extermination services
     Restoration of cabinetry and specialized woods and metals
     Rebuilding with technical support to ensure proper tuning and regulation